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Fairport’s General Dentistry Expert Explains What Your Oral X-Rays Show May 24, 2016

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Fairport’s General Dentistry Expert Explains What Your Oral X-Rays Show, Perinton, New York

When you visit David M. Kramer, D.D.S. in Fairport, NY, you may have oral X-rays taken by one of the office’s experienced professionals. While oral X-rays are a routine part of general dentistry, many patients wonder why this service is needed, and what their dental X-rays can show.

Below, David M. Kramer, D.D.S. and his team of general dentistry associates provide answers for all of your oral X-ray questions.

Why Do Patients Need Oral X-Rays?

Although dentists and hygienists can spot certain issues within the mouth while performing a teeth cleaning or checkup, there are certain areas of the mouth where problems can occur that can’t be seen by the naked eye. To make sure that there is no bone loss or other issue occurring below the gum line, dentists use oral X-rays.

What Can Oral X-Rays Show?

general dentistry Fairport NYIn addition to providing a full image of the teeth, dental X-rays can also show the bones and soft tissue around them. They allow dentists and hygienists to identify or confirm the presence of cavities, as well as any hidden dental structure that could be causing problems, such as wisdom teeth.

How Often Are Oral X-Rays Needed?

When you come in for a regular visit, the professionals at the office of David M. Kramer, D.D.S. will be able to determine an X-ray schedule that will meet your needs. Some factors to be considered are age, risk of disease, and your previous or existing general dentistry care routine. If you’re visiting David M. Kramer, D.D.S. for a problem visit, such as a tooth pain, it’s likely that an oral X-ray will be performed.

For any general dentistry needs, visit David M. Kramer, D.D.S. in Fairport, NY. You can schedule an appointment with his office by calling (585) 223-1980 or visiting their website.

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