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Missouri’s Car Pros Explain the Value of Repairing Your Car Shocks May 24, 2016

St. Charles, St. Charles
Missouri’s Car Pros Explain the Value of Repairing Your Car Shocks, St. Charles, Missouri

A strong degree of control over your vehicle is important for everything from safety to comfort. Making sure your car shocks are working properly is an imperative step in achieving that control. The staff at Frecks & Sons' Automotive of Saint Peters, MO, has years of auto care experience. They have knowledge to expertly fix your car shocks, perform ignition repair, and offer fast and convenient tuneups and oil changes. 

car shocksWhen attempting to understand car shocks, it’s helpful to have some background about their function. Linked to the suspension of your car, the shocks absorb the bumps and turns while driving. They transfer the kinetic energy from the road into heat, allowing you to stay on course. Without shock absorbers, road obstructions would powerfully disrupt your vehicle, providing a stiff and uncomfortable ride. 

According to the veteran mechanics at Frecks & Sons' Automotive, car shocks tend to wear out faster if you spend a lot of time driving on challenging and pock-marked roads or if your vehicle tends to carry heavy loads on rougher surfaces. If you’ve been noticing that it takes a longer time for your car to come to a full stop, your shocks may require a repair. It’s also smart to pay attention for minor vibrations, which also would mean that your shocks are worn out. Frecks & Sons' Automotive will inspect your vehicle to determine if your shock is leaking or if some of the joints have begun breaking down before conducting the repair. 

To return your ride to being as smooth and safe as possible, bring your car to the mechanics at Frecks & Sons' Automotive. Set up an appointment by calling (636) 928-5326, and read more about the company by checking out their website