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6 Tips for Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten From the Child Care Professionals at Tiny World Child Care May 23, 2016

Washington Square, Brookline
6 Tips for Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten From the Child Care Professionals at Tiny World Child Care, Brookline, Massachusetts

At Tiny World Child Care, they know sending your child off to kindergarten can be as stressful as it is exciting.  Luckily, this Brookline day care center also knows a thing or two about getting ready for the big first day. Committed to fostering child development through love, play, and inquiry, their child care professionals are passionate about helping kids prepare for all the learning life has to offer.

Help your child thrive in kindergarten with these tips from their team:

  • Read Every Day:  A love of reading is a love of learning. Exciting storybook tales, delicious cookie recipes, and even maps and street signs are easy ways to weave reading throughout the day.
  • Learn Letters & Numbers: Getting familiar with letters and numbers will form the foundation for reading, writing, and math skills once kindergarten commences. Luckily, the whole world is a ready-made letter and number scavenger hunt!
  • Introduce Instructions: Being able to follow simple instructions will help your child fare better in a school environment. Practice following directions with simple tasks, such as putting on pajamas and placing clothes in a hamper.
  • Master Basic Skills: Little tasks like zipping jackets and tying shoes are small things that make a big difference for making the school day smoother. They’re also an awesome confidence boost.
  • Foster Independence: The confidence of a sense of independence will help your child thrive from their first school days. Spend some time letting your child play without your direct guidance or involvement to foster healthy self-sufficiency.
  • child carePrep With Pre-School: Early childhood programs are a great way to prepare your child for the transition to kindergarten. They’ll socialize with other children, experience being away from parents, and get an early taste of kindergarten’s more structured learning environment.

Tiny World Child Care provides a safe, supportive environment perfect for getting kids ready to start school. Visit their website to learn more about their unique bilingual early childhood programs, or call (617) 232-0115 to talk about getting your child started today.

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