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Planning an Event Near Lake Havasu City? Read These 5 Porta Potty Placement Tips May 23, 2016

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Planning an Event Near Lake Havasu City? Read These 5 Porta Potty Placement Tips, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Where is the best place for a porta potty? The answer depends on several factors, and by giving each due consideration, you'll create a more pleasant experience for everyone, whether you're planning a festival, accommodating construction workers, or providing for park visitors. Today, Jack Pots Portables in Lake Havasu City, AZ, will go over some valuable porta potty placement tips.

Here’s how to find the perfect spot for a porta potty:

  • Check For Level Terrain: While planning your event, check where the level terrain is. Portable toilets require level ground, not only to give them the best stability during use, but because it's easier to deliver and pick them up from a place where the ground is flat. 

  • porta pottyPick A Technician-Accessible Location: The technicians at Jack Pots Portables will have the easiest time cleaning out your portable toilets if you keep them within at least 40 feet of the road. This will ensure that your guests enjoy clean facilities with zero hassles or complications.

  • Think Like A Driver: Will the driver have an easy time dropping off or picking up your portable toilets? Check that your driver won't be impeded by trees, gardens, fences, or gates. If you aren't sure if something will be an issue for them, ask Jack Pots Portables.

  • Stay Downwind Of Food: People often think that porta potties need to be near food. Although an event where food is served should have the proper facilities, it's worth making sure you know which way the wind is blowing when planning your portable toilets’ placement.

  • Consider Wall Placement: Speaking of wind, strong gales are bad news for porta potties. Portable toilets can easily be weighted and staked to the ground, but placement against wind-blocking structures, such as walls or fences, will provide better protection against tipping.

Jack Pots Portables takes pride in providing the cleanest portable toilets in the Lake Havasu City area. If you need porta potties at your next event, don't hesitate to call (928) 680-0804 for a quote. You can also visit their website to learn more about their porta potties, luxury restroom trailers, and other units.

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