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The Essential Apartment Moving Checklist May 20, 2016

Flatbush, Brooklyn
The Essential Apartment Moving Checklist, Brooklyn, New York

Apartment moving can be extremely stressful, especially when doing it all on your own. Luckily, the moving professionals at Systematic in Brooklyn, NY, are ready to help you get everything from point A to point B efficiently and effectively, leaving your belongings intact and happy in their new home. A great plan for eliminating pre-moving stress is to write out a detailed checklist of things you need to do. Here’s a break-down of some especially necessary preparations you should take care of before the big day. 

2 Months Before Moving:

Make sure you take this time to review your lease and follow the necessary protocol for informing your landlord of your move. Inform essential parties of your move, such as your child’s school, physicians, employer, and any important groups to which you belong. Calling movers early is also a good idea.  You may also wish to transfer your renters insurance to your next apartment at this time.

1 Month Before Moving:

The countdown is getting shorter! Begin getting rid of things you no longer need; host a yard sale to make some extra cash for those items you won’t be taking with you. Remember to fill out a change of address form and schedule the cancellation or transfer of utilities. Make plans for temporary storage if you need it, and begin to use up perishable items you will not take with you. Lastly, it’s a good idea to confirm with your employer any days you will need to take off from work in preparation for move-in day.

2 Weeks Before Moving:

Let the packing commence! Pack the non-essentials and return all rented or borrowed materials. Finalize arrangements with utility companies and your movers, and schedule a cleaning day to bring your apartment up to lease standards.

1 Week Before Moving:

Organization is key—label everything you pack to make unpacking easier. Pack one box with essentials for everything you’ll need on the first night in your new apartment. Schedule and complete a walk-through of your current residence with your landlord; doing so will save you the trouble of losing out on your security deposit.

Moving Day:

The day has finally arrived! It’s time to finish packing whatever is left at your old place and begin taking it to the new apartment. Exchange contact information with your apartment moving crew to stay informed through the moving process. When you arrive at your new apartment, remember to complete a walk-through with your new landlord and document existing damages. When the movers arrive at the new location, stand back and let them work. Unpack your essential first night box, and enjoy the new surroundings. You did it!

Apartment moving doesn’t have to be stressful, especially with the help of the professionals at Systematic. With your organization and their vast experience with apartment moving, your next move will be a breeze. If you plan on moving in the next few months and are in need of a moving company, call Systematic at (646) 326–9047 today!

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