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Rochester Abstract Painter Discusses How Artists Use Color May 20, 2016

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Rochester Abstract Painter Discusses How Artists Use Color, Rochester, New York

Artists tend to use color in a myriad of ways to achieve certain effects within an audience. With her abstract art, Nancy Coonsan artist based out of Rochester, NY, is a particularly renowned colorist. Her unique art often consists of a novel take on the feminine nude figure, and is available on a range of mediums including canvas, wood, and textiles. 

imageWhen thinking about creating a mood with color, one of the first principles involved is the symbolic meaning of different shades. All artists may not follow these meanings precisely, but they still provide a universally understood language that can reach a viewer. Often black or darker hues come to represent a heavier, foreboding, or mournful aspect, while lightness can represent a relief from those feelings or a sense of playfulness and joy. Depending on its saturation and hue, red, for example, can allude to intense passion or even deep-seated anger. 

Artists present their colors with a variety of techniques to tap into different feelings. In some of Nancy Coons’ work, she often uses colors where you wouldn’t expect, creating a sense of surprise and mystery within the viewer. Artists also employ contrast to heighten a particular mood, rendering a color more intensely than it might otherwise be. It’s also interesting to watch out for strategically unsettling clashing of colors in comparison to a more soothing, monochromatic approach. 

If you’re interested in the usage of color in art, the work of Nancy Coons is a wonderful access point. To speak with this inspiring artist, you can reach her by calling (585) 317-1898. Also visit her website to take a look through her portfolio.  

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