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3 Tips on Dealing With Car Vandalism From the Auto Glass Replacement Experts May 19, 2016

St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
3 Tips on Dealing With Car Vandalism From the Auto Glass Replacement Experts, St. Louis, Missouri

One of the most common reasons people seek windshield repair is due to car vandalism. Feelings of anger and helplessness ensue, and you don’t understand why and how this happened to you. Consult the local auto glass repair company, Autoglass Xpress, in St. Louis, Missouri instead of launching into a fit of rage. Take a deep breath, and deal with this situation by contacting the experts; they can alleviate your stress because they know what steps to take in car vandalism cases.

Here are a few helpful things to do in the event your vehicle gets vandalized and you need windshield repair:

  • Notify The Authorities: If your vehicle has been vandalized, it is crucial for you call the police within 24 hours of the offense. Remember to file a police report as well so you have an official record of the vandalism. This document will help your auto insurance provider resolve your claim for windshield repair or auto glass replacement.
  • windshield repairCall Your Insurance Provider: To file a claim, you have to contact your auto insurance company. Avoid delaying this step as most providers require auto glass repair claims to be filed as soon as possible in order to receive benefits.
  • Prevent Further Damage: Cover the broken car window or windshield with protective material to prevent the interior of your vehicle from being damaged by external elements such as rain, wind, and snow. This is because insurance companies often do not cover this type of damage, and you might be left footing an unnecessarily large bill.

If you have any questions about windshield repair or any auto glass repair and replacement, call Autoglass Xpress at (314) 352-0049, and speak with one of the experienced auto glass professionals. You can also visit the website to learn more about the complete range of services available.

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