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Bring Brake Issues to a Halt With Help From Anchorage's Auto Repair Experts May 18, 2016

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Bring Brake Issues to a Halt With Help From Anchorage's Auto Repair Experts, Anchorage, Alaska

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, the dedicated technicians at Dean’s Automotive Service Center pride themselves on satisfying customers with their auto repair services as well as educating them on the strengths and weaknesses of their vehicles. When it comes to brakes, there’s a lot to learn about how things work and what you should do to prevent an accident.

Your car’s braking system is complex; with just a little bit of pressure, you’re able to bring several tons of machinery to a smooth and measured stop. Using the science of hydraulics, the brake pedal pushes on a plunger in a cylinder filled with incompressible oil (brake fluid), which then moves the fluid through pipes toward each brake unit controlling each individual wheel.

While oil can carry the force effectively, air has the ability to be compressed, causing the braking process to lose its force along the way. If you notice a “spongy” feeling when you push on your brake pedal, there’s likely air in the brake fluid. If this is the case, Dean’s Automotive Service Center will bleed air out of the system and restore the power of your brakes. If you notice that pumping the pedal makes the car stop—as opposed to applying straight pressure—you probably need to refill your brake fluid.

auto repairIn a vehicle that’s working properly, the brake fluid turns a set of pistons which then squeeze a pair of brake pads, slowing the rotor turning each wheel. Over time, heat can cause the brake pads to wear out, rendering them less efficient. The experienced auto repair mechanics at Dean’s will easily replace these components.

Take your vehicle to get serviced if you notice a squealing noise or if your steering wheel shakes when you brake; these signs could indicate you need brake pad, disc, or drum repair. If you hear a grinding noise while braking, find a repair service immediately. This could mean your brake linings have completely worn down, causing the metal components to rub directly against each other.

Call Dean’s Automotive Service Center at (907) 276-5731 for comprehensive auto repair in Anchorage, including brake work. You can also visit the mechanics’ website for more information about the auto shop and their services.

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