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Filing your personal tax at ATAX - West Farms, Bronx, NY is simple. You can come in to the office and sit with our Registered Tax preparer who will assist you in completing your tax return. Whether we like it or not, today's tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can be confusing. Let us help you receive the maximum refund you're entitled to! Offering Tax Preparation BRONX, NY.

Grow Your Business: Add Text Messaging to Your Small Business Services Package May 17, 2016

West Farms, Bronx
Grow Your Business: Add Text Messaging to Your Small Business Services Package, Bronx, New York

As the top provider of tax preparation and accounting services in Bronx, NY, the highly skilled team at ATAX produces excellent results for businesses. When you want to better promote your company, these experts suggest adding text messaging to your small business services.

Text message marketing is incredibly useful in many ways. It will help save you time and decrease your expenses toward your small business services. It is relatively cheap compared to other advertising channels, and it’s super simple to use. Text campaigns can easily be automated, sending out important messages, reminders, coupons, or other info in one simple step. Whether you’re tech savvy or not, there are mobile marketing apps you can use to send your texts, such as iTextMyClients.

Small Business ServicesIncluding text messaging in your small business services will generate more sales from customers. You'll be able to send special offers or daily discounts straight to their mobile devices, which is easy and convenient. Whether you run a hair salon or a bakery, text messaging marketing is an easy way to grow your business, as it will benefit both existing clients and lead to new customers.

Ultimately, having text messaging as part of your small business services will lead to better customer service. In addition to special deals, you can also send your customer base appointment reminders or ask them to participate in surveys. Much like live chat windows that pop up when visiting a company's website, text messaging also allows a direct connection with the consumer where questions or concerns are shared and answers are available almost immediately. Customers will feel like their voices are being heard and that your company truly cares, which, in turn, fosters brand loyalty.

Though they specialize in tax preparation and accounting services, ATAX has a strong background in a variety of small business services. When you want to improve your business and promote growth, consider their advice on text messaging and mobile marketing. Feel free to call these New York accountants with any questions at (914) 920-5060, or browse their website for more information about their services.

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