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Tree Trimming Tips From Leading Arborists in the Bronx May 16, 2016

Tree Trimming Tips From Leading Arborists in the Bronx, ,

Did you know that if you're not careful, you can actually do more harm than good while tree trimming? That’s why the tree pruning experts at Owen Bros. Tree Service in the Bronx are invested in educating all of their clients about proper tree care.

If you're thinking about getting out in the yard and doing a bit of pruning before the heat of summer sets in, Owen Bros. Tree Service has a few helpful tips to keep your arboretum full and healthy:

  • Cut Carefully: Because of the nature in which tree limbs grow, it's important to never leave the limb you're trimming too long or cut it too short, as this will prevent healthy growth. You should cut as close to the collar (the base where the branch breaks off from the tree) as possible. However, be sure not to remove the collar. Trimming this way will help prevent disease and insect infestation.
  • tree trimmingBe Selective: During the tree trimming process, be selective about the branches you remove. You should never cut at random or take the top of the tree off; doing so will damage it. If a branch looks dead, remove it, but be sure to do so properly so it can grow back.
  • Trim At The Right Time: Trees should be pruned and trimmed during a time when they're experiencing growth, which is why Owen Bros. Tree Service suggests trimming in the spring or early summer. However, this will ultimately depend on the type of tree; some trees may be more susceptible to disease at certain times of the year, so be sure to research optimal trimming periods for the specific trees in your arboretum.

For more helpful tree trimming tips or to schedule a tree service appointment in New York, contact the trained arborists from Owens Bros. Tree Service today at (718) 885-0914, or visit them online.

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