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Whether you need help getting started with an entry level hydroponic system, need help getting the most out of your organic garden, or need an extensive irrigation and lighting system for a commercial growing facility or green house, no set up is too big or too small. Grow Your Own, Pueblo, CO has the products and expertise that you need to succeed!

Denver and Pueblo's Leading Grow Store Answers Your Botanicare Questions May 12, 2016

Downtown Pueblo, Pueblo
Denver and Pueblo's Leading Grow Store Answers Your Botanicare Questions, Pueblo, Colorado

By blending cutting-edge technology with the power of Mother Nature, Grow Your Own provides Denver-area patrons with everything they need to create a thriving small- or large-scale garden. This grow store has tools and supplies for everyone, from experienced horticulturalists to homeowners who have just discovered their green thumbs.

Whether you’re starting out with a small garden or you have plans to develop an entire greenhouse, you’ll want to learn about Botanicare. The knowledgeable team at Denver’s premier grow store has compiled some helpful information to familiarize you with Botanicare:

  • What It Is: Botanicare is a commercial brand of plant energy and growing products. They are best known for imagetheir hydroponics, which are complete gardening systems that allow plants to receive water through various methods.
  • Why Use It: There are different growing systems available through Botanicare, including the drip feed setup and the ebb and flow gardening process. Choosing one of these systems drastically reduces the amount of legwork involved with tending to plants, as the automated pumps can deliver water to plants when they need it the most.
  • grow store Denver COHow To Get Started: The hydroponics option that will benefit you most depends largely on your growing goals. Grow Your Own carries a wide range of growing media options, including Botanicare. The grow store also has options for nutrients and additives that optimize your crops’ ability to grow into healthy, mature plants.

To discuss hydroponics and the nutrient options that will work best for your greenhouse or garden, stop by Grow Your Own in Denver, CO or Pueblo, CO. You may also speak with a knowledgeable expert at the grow store by calling (303) 990-1929. To view the complete line of available products, feel free to visit the store’s website.  

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