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3 Important Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer May 12, 2016

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3 Important Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer, La Crosse, Wisconsin

If you're on the search for a personal injury lawyer, chances are you're already facing enough upheaval. Attorney Ronald Fitzpatrick, a La Crosse, Wisconsin, personal injury attorney, is here to make your search easier. He knows the important questions you should ask when looking for a lawyer to represent your personal injury law matter.

Here, Attorney Fitzpatrick shares three essential questions to pose to the lawyer before hiring them for your personal injury case:

Is Personal Injury Law One of Your Practice Areas?

The number of legal practice areas is practically endless, and lawyers can specialize in any number of them. Before you hire your personal injury lawyer, ask them if they practice personal injury law, how long they've been practicing, and if you can review their background and education. Attorney Ronald Fitzpatrick offers legal services in personal injury law, workers' compensation law, and Social Security cases.

Will You Take My Case to Trial, if Necessary?

A personal injury lawyer represents your best interests, so they must be a skilled negotiator who will work to get you personal injury lawyerthe highest amount of compensation. Sometimes, a courtroom trial will be necessary. Ask any prospective lawyers about their courtroom experience and if they have the time and resources to pursue a trial, should that be what your case demands.

What Is Your Fee?

For many people, money matters are uncomfortable topics of discussion, but most attorneys will be happy to answer your questions about costs and fees. Understand exactly what you will be financially responsible for before you hire a personal injury lawyer. Attorney Ronald Fitzpatrick will gladly give you the details of his accessible fee structure.

By knowing the right questions to ask your attorney, you will be sure to hire the right representative for your personal injury claim. Call Attorney Ronald Fitzpatrick at (608) 785-3900 to schedule a free consultation with the personal injury lawyer today. You can also visit the firm online for more information.