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4 Questions to Ask Before Replacing a Water Heater May 11, 2016

Texarkana, Miller
4 Questions to Ask Before Replacing a Water Heater, Texarkana, Arkansas

Electric water heaters typically last for up to 10 years, whereas gas water heaters only last for six to eight years. That being said, if your water heater is still functioning just fine after a decade has passed, you may not necessarily need to replace it. If you want a plumber to come out and inspect your water heater, turn to Service First Electrical & Plumbing in Texarkana, AR.

In the meantime, here are four questions to ask before making the decision to replace it:

  • Has It Been Well Maintained? Manufacturers typically give ranges for how long their appliances will last because it really depends on how well the homeowners maintain them. Regularly maintained water heaters will ultimately last much longer than those that have been neglected.
  • water heaterWhere Is It Located In The House? Water heaters that are installed on a main or upper floor are more likely to leak if there is no drain nearby, and they may need replacing sooner. Water heaters that are in the basement are less likely to leak and typically last longer.
  • How Much Use Does It Get? Much like the mileage of a car, how often you use your water heater will have a significant impact on how long it lasts. The more hot water your family goes through on a regular basis, the sooner it may need replacing.
  • What Is The Water Quality In Your Area? In locations with hard water, sediment builds up in a water heater and ultimately shortens its life.

No one wants to replace their water heater unless they absolutely have to, and Service First Electrical & Plumbing will help you decide if it’s time to do so. Visit their website to learn more about the plumbing and electrical services they offer residents of Texarkana, and call (870) 775-1035 to talk to a plumber about your water heater today.  

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