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3 Key Elements of Successful Signage, From DTM Signs and Truck Wraps May 10, 2016

East New York, Brooklyn
3 Key Elements of Successful Signage, From DTM Signs and Truck Wraps, Brooklyn, New York

As the most trusted vehicle wrap company in Brooklyn, NY, DTM Signs and Truck Wraps is responsible for some of the most eye-catching and effective designs on the road. This full-service business handles everything from the design, printing, and cutting to the installation of a vehicle wrap.

They're here to help you understand what it takes to create successful signage. Effective sign designs fulfill the following criteria:

  • Informative: Uninformative signs are of little help to you and your potential customers. Before discussing graphic design, you’ll want to make sure that the most important information is included. Obvious elements like the company name and contact information are essential, but you also want to ensure there are visual cues that reflect and describe your business. 
  • Bold: To draw people in, your business needs to stand out, and to stand out, you can't forget the context. While this is true for all signs, it’s especially applicable to truck wraps. They need to be seen amidst all the traffic, people, buildings, and other landmarks. Colors should be vivid, fonts must be legible, and images have to be discernible. Be careful not to go overboard to the point where things start looking garish.truck wraps
  • Simple: No matter how large your vehicle is, even the biggest truck will run out of space. The best signs convey the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. However, this does not mean that your sign must be plain. It's a fine line, and if you're having difficulties, the award-winning graphic design team at DTM Signs and Truck Wraps will be able to help you find it.

If you're interested in getting a sign or vehicle wrap that will help your business reach more people, turn to DTM Signs and Truck Wraps. The graphic design and vehicle wrap team has consistently received praise for the quality and efficiency of their work. For more information, visit them online or call them today at (347) 312-5488.

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