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Schedule Regular Office Cleanings This Summer for a Spotless Space May 9, 2016

Springdale, Springdale
Schedule Regular Office Cleanings This Summer for a Spotless Space, Springdale, Ohio

Maintain a meticulously clean office all summer by scheduling regular cleanings with Jhoners Commercial Cleaning Services. The Cincinnati, OH-based janitorial company is renowned for outstanding office cleaning services that contribute to a safer, healthier work environment. Jhoners Commercial Cleaning Services has proudly served the Tri-State area for many years and works on buildings ranging from 4,000 to over 20,000 square feet.

Let’s take a quick look at why you’ll want to hire the commercial cleaning company this summer:

  • Floor Cleaning: Summer is a busy season for many businesses, resulting in an increase of foot traffic. Scuff marks, extra dirt and dust, and various other damages quickly build up when floors aren’t properly looked after, creating an unprofessional appearance that does nothing to improve your business’s reputation. Keep hardwood and linoleum floors looking great by scheduling summer cleanings with the celebrated janitorial company.
  • Office CleaningTile & Grout Cleaning: Office restrooms require regular care to avoid issues with mold, mildew, and other unsightly (and unhealthy) grime. Tile and grout cleaning is laborious, tedious work neither you nor your employees have time for when running a business. Save yourself time and effort by relying on the experts at your Cincinnati commercial cleaning company.

  • Carpet Cleaning: Carpet usually requires twice as much cleaning effort as linoleum and hardwood, as it collects a wide range of allergens, including dust, animal dander, insect remains, pollen, and more. Regular vacuuming and periodic shampooing are necessary to maintain the look of your carpet and to prevent allergens from building up and causing reactions in employees.

Work with the Cincinnati office cleaning company committed to using green products and customizing services to suit clients’ needs. The janitorial company has over 16 years’ experience and offers emergency and special event cleaning among many other services. For more on office cleaning and other janitorial services available through Jhoners Commercial Cleaning Services, please call (513) 771-0218 or visit the website today.