Dothan, Alabama
1405 Ross Clark Cir
Dothan, AL 36301
(334) 671-4770
This American Self Storage facility is located on the eastern side of the Ross Clark Circle south of the Medical Center. It features climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage as well as boat and RV storage.

Making the Most of a Self Storage Unit May 13, 2016

Making the Most of a Self Storage Unit, Dothan, Alabama

Whether you're moving or simply want to eliminate some clutter in your home, a self-storage facility offers an easy and practical solution to your needs. Serving southeast Alabama, American Self Storage is a top-tier storage company with seven locations.

All facilities have controlled in and out access, are monitored by video surveillance, and are staffed by skilled employees who understand the importance of keeping your belongings safe and secure. The company offers climate-controlled, non-climate controlled, automobile, boat, and RV storage space.

If you've never used a self-storage facility before, there are a few things you should know before you move your items:

  • Use Pallets: Ideally, your possessions should not sit directly on the floor. Even a few inches off the ground may make a difference. Placing them on pallets will prevent potential damage, should a flood or a spill of some sort occur.
  • SE Alabama self storageLabel Everything: Imagine the frustration of entering your self-storage unit and standing confused, frantically trying to recall where a certain item is located. Labeling your boxes and pallets will prevent this problem and also give you a sense of organization. Do one better and maintain a personal list that serves as a reminder of where important items are stored. For example, you may want to remember that an inherited jewelry box is stored on the bottom left of the pallet nearest the door.
  • Cover Items: It's possible some of your items will sit in storage for months or even years. Keeping them covered with plastic wrap or a tarp will prevent dust and debris from building up over time. This will also protect your possessions from moisture and possible mold development.
  • Pack Smart: In much the same way that you wouldn't pack a gallon of milk over a bag of potato chips, you don't want to damage your possessions by putting weighty items on top. Take stock of what is heaviest and use those as the base for lighter boxes.
  • Be Creative: Storing all of your possessions in a space of a specific size may seem like a tall order, but with a little ingenuity you may be able to squeeze everything in comfortably. Stack items, invest in a shelving unit, and enlist the help of friends to move items into position.

A storage unit may be the answer to your space dilemma, especially if you find yourself overwhelmed with too many things. At American Self Storage, your items are treated with respect, care, and the utmost security. Visit their website to learn more about their storage units today, or give them a call at (334) 793-1289. 

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