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How to Plan a Stress Free Birthday Party For Kids May 22, 2016

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How to Plan a Stress Free Birthday Party For Kids , Philipstown, New York

How to Plan a Stress Free Birthday Party For Kids

Step #1 - Decide on a Date and Time. Try to plan a month or two in advance minimum to insure you have a stress free event.

Step #2 - Brainstorm on a location or venue. Make a short list of possible locations. Will it be in your home or at a public venue? Will it be indoors or out? Note: If you're planning to have any of your birthday activities outdoors ALWAYS have a back up plan in the event of bad weather.

Step #3 – Define Your Guest of Honors interests. What is your child interested in? Dinosaurs, Harry Potter, butterflies, Pirates... Taking note of these things will help you define your child's party theme.

Step #4 – Brainstorm a birthday party theme. A birthday party theme is what ties your whole party together. It will define how to decorate, what activities and games to plan, who the entertainment should be, what the cake should look like and what the party favors should be.

What type of birthday party theme might be a perfect fit for your child?

Possible Themes

1.) Lego Theme

2.) Princess Theme

3.) Magic Theme

4.) Harry Potter Theme

5.) Minecraft Theme

Step #5 – Decide on a budget - Knowing a ball park of how much you can spend on the party can make it easier for you to make decisions in terms of hiring outside help to bake a cake, provide entertainment, party favors etc.

Step #6 - Seriously consider hiring a Birthday Party Entertainer to take the weight off of your shoulders - Managing a large or small group of young adults takes a professional entertainer who can command attention and hold their attention so things don't get too hectic.


Step #7 – Plan the food. If your party is mid day you'll want to plan a simple lunch for your guests. Pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches or hamburgers have wide birthday party appeal.

Step #8 – Decide on a cake plan. Will you bake it yourself or purchase one? The real question is do you have the time and skill to bake a cake that the guests will love. If not, just buy one from your local bakery.

Step #9 – Decide on party favors . Over the last 10-20 years party favors have almost become the expected norm for kids leaving a birthday party.

A great place to shop for inexpensive bags, trinkets and favors online is

Step #10 - Send out your invitations. Start organizing every thing listed above. has some great free online invitations.


THE REAL SECRET: The key to having a smash hit, stress free birthday party for your child is to plan in advance and don't wait until the 11th hour.


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