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Shark Myths Busted: What Honolulu's Favorite Kayak Rental Shop Wants You to Know May 6, 2016

Diamond Head - Kapahulu - St. Louis, Honolulu
Shark Myths Busted: What Honolulu's Favorite Kayak Rental Shop Wants You to Know , Honolulu, Hawaii

"JAWS" may be a classic movie, but it did nothing to help the plight of sharks, those seemingly-terrifying, bloodthirsty predators of the deep. The passionate team at Go Bananas Watersports in Honolulu, HI, knows these misunderstood fish are vital to the world’s oceans. That's why the kayak rental professionals are here to debunk some common shark myths.

The purveyor of used kayaks and kayak accessories wants you to understand the following shark myths before dismissing all sharks as sharp-toothed serial killers:

  • Myth #1—Sharks Don’t Matter: This sizable fish plays an essential role in many marine ecosystems. As a top predator, sharks maintain populations by feeding on weak, sick creatures to ensure health among prey animals. Many prey populations are important to the fishing industry.

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  • Myth #2 —Sharks Frequently Attack Humans: The Honolulu-based kayak rental company emphasizes the rarity of shark attacks. Only three shark-related human fatalities occurred in 2014, compared to the 100 million sharks that are slaughtered every year by people.
  • Myth #3—Sharks Are Dumb: A shark’s brain is actually very complex. It allows them to identify prey, find mates, and recognize territorial markers, and keeps the animals keenly aware of what’s happening around them. Sharks are so smart that it’s actually possible to train them.
  • Myth #4—Sharks Are Vicious Hunters: There are over 400 species of sharks on Earth, and while some, such as the Hammerhead and Great White, are predators, many are not. The whale shark, for example, is a gentle giant that feeds mainly on plankton. 

These are just some of the many myths surrounding sharks. To learn more, feel free to strike up a conversation with the friendly staff at the Go Bananas Watersports kayak rental company the next time you stop in for roof racks or kayak accessories. Rely on the staff’s extensive knowledge of watersports to make your Hawaii aquatic adventure one you’ll always remember.

For more on kayak accessories, used kayaks, and other kayak rental services, contact Go Bananas Watersports today. Call (808) 737-9514 or visit the website for more information.

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