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DOWNLITE Explains the Differences Between Duck Down & Goose Down Bedding May 9, 2016

Mason, Warren
DOWNLITE Explains the Differences Between Duck Down & Goose Down Bedding, Mason, Ohio

Whether you're getting ready to move into a new apartment or re-decorating your bedroom, choosing the right bedding for your sleeping style can be difficult for anyone. While you're searching for the perfect comforter and pillows for your living space, consider purchasing authentic down bedding from DOWNLITE in Mason, OH, for a level of comfort and warmth that goes unmatched by synthetic fibers.

Before you pick up the first comforter you see, check out these major differences between duck and goose down bedding:

  • down comfortersDurability: While both duck and goose down are known for their resilience and durability as compared to synthetic alternatives, goose down continues to be the higher quality of the two. This is due to the fact that goose feathers normally come from larger birds, resulting in bigger clusters and thus a better fill.
  • Quality: If you're shopping at DOWNLITE, you can rest assured that all of their down bedding, regardless of where it comes from, is made with the highest quality materials available. In fact, their down bedding is handcrafted with German-milled fabrics and superior down. Despite their attempts to equal out the playing field, goose down is still seen as the better choice.
  • Warmth: Since goose down is considered to be more durable and of a higher quality than duck down, you would probably assume that it beats duck down when it comes to keeping you warm. While this may be the case with most down bedding, this Ohio-based company promises that you'll be warm and cozy with anything you pick out at their store.

To learn more about the down bedding available at DOWNLITE in Mason, OH, call (866) 931-3696, or visit them online.