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Georgia’s Water Purification Pros Are Class IV Water Experts May 5, 2016

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Georgia’s Water Purification Pros Are Class IV Water Experts, Hiawassee, Georgia

When dealing with something as vital to life as water, you only want the top, best-trained people to provide your water services. For any water filtration or water purification needs, choose a contractor who is highly certified. Chem Free Pure Water Systems of Blairsville, GA, has been the region’s most trusted water specialist for over 40 years. Whether you ultimately need iron removal filters or a water softener, you can be certain that your water will be safe and clean thanks to Georgia’s experts.

Water Filtration

Making sure your water is healthy through water filtration and purification is a crucial concern of maintaining a home. Not only is this an important topic, it also encompasses a lot of complexity. The best way to determine if your technicians can excel at the job is if they have actual certification. The owners of Chem Free Pure Water Systems, Thomas and Marge Phillips, are Class IV Water Experts.

As a means of protecting consumers, the requirements to become a Class IV Water Expert are quite rigorous. After a mandatory eight-hour course on ground water, they must pass a final exam full of technical knowledge. Class IV Water Experts need to learn all there is to know about water systems, regulations, individual state requirements, and federal requirements. They also must study for particular scenarios such as what to do if more than 25 people are sharing a single water source. Experts need to be recertified every three years to ensure they’re staying current with the latest knowledge in water filtration and water purification.

If you need your water inspected, you’ll be in safe hands with the Class IV Water Experts at Chem Free Pure Water Systems. To receive water purification or water filtration service, call (800) 657-5150. You can learn about all of the company’s services by visiting their website.

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