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Honolulu's Best Plumber Lists 3 Common Causes of Toilet Leaks May 5, 2016

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
Honolulu's Best Plumber Lists 3 Common Causes of Toilet Leaks, Honolulu, Hawaii

Toilet leaks are an annoyance that will have you picking up the phone to get a plumber out to your residence as soon as possible. Based in Honolulu, HI, Creative Plumbing offers assistance with everything from toilet repairs to bathroom renovations. These skilled plumbers say when it comes to toilet leaks, it's important to understand what causes the problem.

Here are three common causes of toilet leaks:

  • Cracked Tank: The toilet's tank contains the water used to provide a clean flush. It's often made of porcelain, and this material may crack if it's subjected to a hard blow. If you have a cracked tank, it's important to get it taken care of by a plumber right away. Though the crack may result in just a minor leak right now, this can quickly change, and you could soon find yourself facing flooding that results in expensive bathroom renovations.


  • Rusty Pipe: If the pipes connecting your toilet are rusty, this could lead to a leak. Rust will eat away at the metal used to construct the pipes and will literally leave holes in your plumbing. Address this issue with toilet repair services from a professional plumber.
  • Cracked Bowl: The bowl is the portion of the toilet that collects and flushes away waste. A crack in the bowl will result in a leak that could eventually lead to flooding. If you notice a crack, schedule a visit with a skilled plumber to have it remedied and repaired right away.

Choose Creative Plumbing for services from plumbers who are both capable and courteous. Whether you need complete bathroom renovations or minor toilet repairs, you'll find these professionals have the expertise to tackle the job with thoroughness and speed. Get Honolulu's best plumbers working for you by calling (808) 841-2837 for a free estimate, or learn more by visiting Creative Plumbing online.

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