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Branson West’s Tree Experts Explain When & Why to Prune Your Tree May 4, 2016

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Branson West’s Tree Experts Explain When & Why to Prune Your Tree, Branson West, Missouri

You’ve probably heard that you should be regularly pruning your tree. But do you know how often? Or why? At Lakes Tree Service in Branson West, MO, their tree experts help clients stay educated on the essentials of tree work, so they can enjoy their landscape for years to come.

Pruning trees involves removing the branches, buds, or roots. You should be pruning your tree regularly not only for aesthetic reasons, but to protect your home and the health of your tree. Often, pruning is best left to a tree expert, as they have the proper tools, knowledge, and experience for the job. When people attempt to prune their own trees, they may risk injury or poor execution. If you have a hard-to-reach tree or are unsure how to approach it, you should always contact a tree-cutting expert for advice.

Tree Expert

Regular pruning doles out a number of benefits, including an attractive landscape. When trees are neatly and expertly shaped, they lend a special appeal to your yard. In order to ensure proper growth, a tree should be assessed and pruned regularly, as this process can stave off disease and remove potential hindrances. Tree pruning may also be necessary to reduce the potential hazard of fallen branches to your home, roof, or deck.

In general, you should prune your trees in late winter and early spring, when the tree’s buds are preparing to open. This will help facilitate healthy new growth. Otherwise, if a tree is obstructing your view, appears unhealthy, or is a potential hazard, you should contact a tree expert. Any dead, diseased or otherwise damaged branches should always be removed.

For the best tree removal, tree cutting, and tree shaping in Branson West, look no further than Lakes Tree Service. Their tree experts have the knowledge and tools to expertly address any of your landscape concerns. For a beautiful and healthy yard, call their friendly staff today at (417) 272-6013. To learn more about their trusted tree work services, visit their website

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