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Experience the Zesty Appeal of Caribbean Food May 12, 2016

East New York, Brooklyn
Experience the Zesty Appeal of Caribbean Food, Brooklyn, New York

Fusion East is an incomparable taste experience in Brooklyn, NY, offering soul food with a Caribbean twist. This exciting combination features all the ingredients and spices that have made Caribbean food a culinary adventure for centuries; here, these experts share the elements of these dishes that contribute to the unique taste of Caribbean cuisine.

When Caribbean food is referred to as fusion cuisine, it's no exaggeration. It draws from numerous influences across the globe, largely because of the role the area played in the spice trade. African and European travelers as well as Indonesian and Chinese merchants came through to plant seeds of their culture—the surrounding areas of Mexico, Jamaica, and Cuba also lent their influences.

caribbean food

There are a few ingredients you'll commonly find in Caribbean food. Rice and beans are included in many dishes, and seafood recipes are very popular. Any meats used are what would have been traditionally locally available, such as beef and poultry; in fact, Caribbean cuisine has been credited with influencing modern barbecue techniques. Vegetables like tomatoes, chickpeas, and bell peppers make frequent appearances in lunch and dinner dishes, while sweet plantains go well with breakfast.

Jerk chicken and coconut shrimp are just two well known Caribbean dishes served at Fusion East. Caribbean foods such as these are particularly delicious due to their spicy and fragrant nature; they are often referred to as piquant, or sharp tasting. You'll typically see cilantro, onions, garlic, and lime in Caribbean entrees and cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger in desserts.

If you're craving a sumptuous meal of Caribbean food, visit Fusion East. Check out their website to take a peek at their menu or call them at (718) 975-5065 with any questions you may have.