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Discover How Learning to Speak Chinese Improves Your Language Skills April 27, 2016

NoMad, Manhattan
Discover How Learning to Speak Chinese Improves Your Language Skills, Manhattan, New York

Learning to speak Chinese fluently not only allows you to explore this great culture, but also makes it easier to learn other languages. With the well-conceived curriculum at Beautiful Mandarin, a language school in New York City, anyone can easily learn Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese is not only a beautiful sounding dialect, it’s also the most broadly spoken Asian language in existence, with over 955 million people speaking it worldwide. The benefits of learning speak chineseMandarin are countless, from making you more professionally valuable in what is quickly becoming a global marketplace, to helping you appreciate Chinese culture more fully and travel throughout Asia with ease.

Another benefit of learning to speak Chinese is that it enhances your understanding of other languages. Even if your first language bears no resemblance to Mandarin Chinese, understanding the nuts and bolts of how a language functions will enhance your language skills across the board. For example, as you learn to articulate words and phrases and ideas in Chinese, you won’t just be memorizing sounds and images—you’ll be learning the building blocks of structuring a sentence. Understanding how other languages form words together into complete thoughts makes it easier to comprehend other languages or dialects as well. 

In addition, learning how to speak Chinese will allow you to more easily learn other languages. Many languages are similar to each other, so you can pick up on familiar vocabulary and inflection. And once you know the words for objects, you can string the words together following a sentence structure formula. Also, learning any new language increases your memory retention and can be useful in studying multiple languages.

Beautiful Mandarin offers small class sizes and private lessons for beginner Chinese all the way through high-level fluency. Enroll in Chinese lessons now by calling them at (646) 387-9930 or visiting them online.

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