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5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Hairstylist & Makeup Artist April 29, 2016

New York, New York
5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Hairstylist & Makeup Artist, New York, New York

Once you’ve said yes to the dress, it’s important to make sure your hair and makeup complete your look. With NYGLAMCLUB, an on-demand hair and makeup service in New York, brides will have access to a team of talented stylists and makeup artists who will help them make their big day a reality. Brides can choose from signature makeup and hair looks or customize their makeup styles to match their personality. When it comes to your wedding day, the markup artists and wedding hairstylists at NYGLAMCLUB will make sure your day goes off without a hitch. 

To avoid any problems, communication is key. Here is a list of questions the hair and makeup experts at NYGLAMCLUB recommend asking:

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  • Will You Do a Trial Run? Any wedding hairstylist and makeup artist should be willing to do a trial appointment before your wedding. During the appointment, you can make sure you’re on the same page, so everything goes smoothly on the big day. Schedule a trial run with NYGLAMCLUB at least a couple of months before the wedding.
  • Do You Work on Location? Some brides might not mind having their hair and makeup done at a salon, but for many brides, having them at the hotel is preferable. NYGLAMCLUB stylists can meet you anywhere, whether it’s at the hotel, at your home, or at the wedding venue.
  • What Prep Do I Need To Do? It’s important to talk with the wedding hairstylist and makeup artist about what kind of prep you need to do before the trial and the wedding. In some cases, the makeup artist might want you to prime or moisturize your skin and the hairstylist might want you to have just-washed hair. The NYGLAMCLUB hair and makeup artists will let you know what preparation you need to do before your wedding.
  • Are You Familiar With My Hair & Skin Type? Everyone is different. If you have sensitive skin or super curly hair, it’s important for your wedding hairstylist and makeup artist to know how to work with your hair and skin type. The experts at NYGLAMCLUB are an elite team of experienced professionals who will make sure you are gorgeous on your big day.
  • What Happens If You Can’t Make It On the Big Day? Life happens, and sometimes beauty professionals might have an emergency preventing them from showing up on your wedding day. Ask what the plan is if this happens. At NYGLAMCLUB, all of the hair and makeup stylists are trained in all of the studio’s signature hair and makeup styles, so brides can rest assured knowing whoever fills in will do the job right.

The NYGLAMCLUB stylists know a wedding day is the most important day of a person’s life. The wedding hairstylists and makeup artists work with brides and their wedding parties to give them an exclusive experience at an affordable price. For more information about booking an appointment with NYGLAMCLUB, visit the website, or call the on-demand hair and makeup service in New York at (646) 780-8730.