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Saddle Up for Fun & Learning at Fairfield's Best Child Care Center May 3, 2016

Shelton, Fairfield County
Saddle Up for Fun & Learning at Fairfield's Best Child Care Center, Shelton, Connecticut

Pumpkin Preschool in Fairfield, CT, is always looking for innovative ways to delight the children in their care and engage them with the world. They believe nurturing each child and providing them with lots of opportunities to interact and experience new things is as vital a part of their education as learning to read.

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This May, the talented teachers from Pumpkin Preschool have arranged for Pony Tails, a local company that specializes in safe pony rides for children, to come to the school! In addition to giving the children an amazing experience, Pumpkin Preschool decided to officially make May Horse Month at the early learning center. By using incredible experiences like real-life pony rides to excite the children, the teachers are able to tie in lots of integrative learning lessons with their child care services.

When kids try something new, like riding a pony, their confidence soars and they instantly light up with interest. Pumpkin Preschool’s teachers use opportunities like this to engage with each child on an individual level. After the pony rides, the teachers talk to their students about animals, what they eat, where they live, and how they are cared for. They read the kids stories about horses, draw pictures together, and encourage the children to use their imaginations!

In every area, Pumpkin Preschool goes beyond standard education and child care. They don’t just want to care for your children — they want to inspire them! Themed learning and fun activities like Pony Tails pony rides are just some of the ways Pumpkin Preschool makes learning engaging and fun. To learn more about Fairfield's finest preschool center and child care facility, call the early learning center at (203) 255-7505 or visit them online today.

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