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Does your Home Automation System Participate in Earth Day? April 22, 2016

Wentzville, St. Charles
Does your Home Automation System Participate in Earth Day? , Wentzville, Missouri

When you’re shopping for a home automation system, you probably consider a number of factors. Most people want to find the best price while making sure they have all the home automation features that are important to them. But not everyone considers earth-friendly products and services. This Earth Day, as you’re challenging yourself to leave a smaller carbon footprint, it might be a good idea to see how your home automation system figures into it.

What’s the big deal about Earth Day, anyway? Earth Day is the annual acknowledgement of a movement that started more than 44 years ago. By the 1960s, people were becoming more aware of the ways in which our modern lifestyle was polluting the environment and taking a toll on the planet’s natural resources. Senator Gaylord Nelson was invested in persuading the government to take action toward protecting the planet and proposed the idea of Earth Day – a national day of learning about environmental causes and concerns. The concept was a popular one, and Earth Day was established in April of 1970. Today it’s a global event, sometimes extending into Earth Week. Coordinated by the Earth Day Network, today’s Earth Day involves at least a billion people worldwide, making it “the largest secular civic event in the world.”

How can you get involved? You decide! In big ways or small, choose to take action this Earth Day and think about your impact on our planet. Whether you’re washing your laundry in cold water, riding a bike instead of driving, planting a garden or volunteering to help with community clean-up, you can make a difference and be part of the solution. Find a way to get involved, either by making some changes in your own life or by participating in a larger Earth Day event. You can find ideas on the Earth Day Network website.

How does a home automation system figure into all of this? At Freedom Alarm, our Home Automation service allows you to control your house with a smartphone – and with an eye on eco-consciousness. You can easily access your thermostats, even when you’re away, to make sure you’re using your heating and cooling systems wisely. And, programming your lighting and thermostats can save money and electricity, reducing your power bill as well as your impact on the environment. Freedom Alarm offers a green solution to home automation without skimping on the more traditional features in a security system – like glass break, carbon monoxide, heat/smoke, water/freeze, and motion detectors – along with additional benefits like appliance control and secure access to video on your smartphone.

When deciding how to take action this Earth Day, you’ll want to choose something that will make a positive impact on the earth. When choosing a home automation system, consider the energy and security benefits of having remote access along with 24/7 monitored protection. For more information on how to choose a home automation system that’s eco-friendly and energy conscious, visit the Freedom Alarm website.

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