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Funeral Photography is not about dead people. April 17, 2016

East New York, Brooklyn
Funeral Photography is not about dead people., Brooklyn, New York

With the increase of families electing to honor their loved ones through Cremation services and families needs to capture those special family moments at the Repast, for a limited time, Duane Knight Funeral Photography is offering an special valued


photography packages for those two hour services. 

For just $375, you can capture those acts of love and special family moments at Cremations and at the Repast and receive them on a customized USD.

Call now for more info ensuring that your loved one is remembered with dignity and devotion. Funeral photography is a means of showing how loved a person was during their lifetime and to remember those family members who travel from across the nation and some, from around the world.

Call Duane Knight Funeral Photography NOW at 917-520-7704 for more info.

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