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The Benefits of Cupping Therapy From Lifetime Acupuncture April 22, 2016

Deer Park, Babylon
The Benefits of Cupping Therapy From Lifetime Acupuncture, Babylon, New York

Cupping, or the use of specialized cups to create suction to stimulate blood flow in the body, is a practice with historical foundations in Chinese medicine; in fact, there is evidence to suggest that the practice was first employed as far back as 3,000 BC. 

Like many eastern approaches, cupping therapy allows the body to heal and care for itself, so there is no reliance on pharmaceutical drugs or invasive procedures. Instead, the suction is created by using heat or mechanical devices, and the cups are strategically placed on areas of the body (usually the back). In fact, according to the experts at Deer Park, NY-based Lifetime Acupuncture & Weight Loss Clinic, this therapeutic approach has been reported to help with a wide variety of conditions and ailments.

So what are the benefits of cupping? Let’s take a look:

  • Pain Relief: Cupping therapy is known to help with a wide range of aches and pains, especially muscle soreness in the neck and back. In addition, people dealing with rheumatoid arthritis have sought out this treatment.
  • Migraine Relief: The stimulation of blood flow that results from this procedure can also help people who suffer from migraines. It’s known as a holistic, non-invasive approach to this debilitating condition.


  • Combat Anxiety & Depression: In addition to more physical conditions, cupping can also help people who feel anxiety or experience depression.
  • Weight Loss: The stimulation of blood flow as a result of this procedure is believed to boost metabolism and circulation, making it a good adjunct to weight loss and cellulite battling regimens.
  • Respiration: Another benefit of this practice is that it helps those who are dealing with congestion as a result of colds or allergies.

There’s a great deal that can be gained from cupping, which is why you should talk to the experts at Lifetime Acupuncture & Weight Loss Clinic about what it can do for you. To learn more about this and all the services offered here, be sure to visit this center online or simply call (631) 392-1224 to schedule a consultation today. 

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