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Love the Look of an Antique Tub? Complete Your Bathroom Design at Porcelain Glaze April 21, 2016

Clinton, Middlesex
Love the Look of an Antique Tub? Complete Your Bathroom Design at Porcelain Glaze, Clinton, Connecticut

Antique tubs are iconic fixtures that add character and beauty to any bathroom design. Porcelain Glaze of Clinton, CT, is known for its professional bathtub and tile restoration services. The company sells a wide variety of antique bathtubs that are ready to be restored and placed into your home for a special touch of class.

Antique tubs are classic and elegant. They work well with almost any décor but are especially stunning in a home that has a vintage or modern design. If you’re looking for an antique tub that will pop, consider a clawfoot style. Clawfoot tubs have a freestanding look which allows for a lot of freedom when deciding its placement. An antique clawfoot tub will often be the centerpiece of the room, making your bathroom appear elegantly designed.

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The friendly staff at Porcelain Glaze will help you choose a gorgeous antique tub to meet your home's unique needs. Once you’ve chosen the perfect tub, Porcelain Glaze will expertly resurface it according to your specifications. The experts offer custom colors to give your antique tub just the right look and to match your bathroom’s and your home’s overall décor. Once complete, your tub will have a brand new finish, and your bathroom will have the sophisticated appearance that only an antique tub can provide.

As with all work done by Porcelain Glaze of Clinton, CT, your antique resurfacing project will come with a free estimate and a written guarantee of satisfaction. With over 30 years’ experience, they can help you find the perfect antique tub and resurface it to meet your needs while staying within your budget. Visit their website for incredible before and after photos, stop in today to see their selection of charming antique tubs, or call (800) 882-6845 to learn more about how these professionals can make your dream bathroom a reality.

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