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Rochester Abstract Artist Virtuoso Helps You Define Your Artistic Style April 20, 2016

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Rochester Abstract Artist Virtuoso Helps You Define Your Artistic Style, Rochester, New York

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we realize that the old movie posters on our wall don’t actually count as art. But once you come to that conclusion, what do you do? Nancy Coons is a New York-based artist whose work has been described as “exponentialized abstractism,” but that’s not a category that a novice art collector can begin to fathom.

Because art has existed in some form for literally tens of thousands of years, it’s difficult to break down the full history of the genre. The modern art era alone began all the way back in 1860. But within that period, there are certain movements that stand out. Here are some that a new collector needs to know:

  • artistImpressionism: Impressionism originated in France in the late 1800s. It broke away from the strict guidelines of academic painting and evoked emotion rather than admiration for technique. Impressionists broke all the rules—artists abandoned their studios for the outdoors in order to catch sunlight and movement. Of all the famed Impressionist artists, the one who most embodied the movement was probably Claude Monet.
  • Surrealism: In the early 1920s, intellectuals all over the world were fascinated with psychology and philosophy. Surrealists were provocative; their paintings were often dreamlike and unearthly, and were sometimes filled with objects that didn’t make sense unless you considered what they might represent. Salvador Dali remains the most iconic of this anarchic bunch of artists.
  • Abstract Art: Abstract expressionism has the distinction of being the first particularly American movement to achieve international significance. It placed New York City on the map as a hub for the arts world in the post-World War II era, where it has remained ever since. Abstract art owes a debt to surrealism, and embodies many of its same characteristics, like spontaneity and a reliance on the subconscious. Because this movement is multifaceted and very much alive, it’s difficult to narrow down its most influential artists. Only time will tell.

To learn more about abstract art, call Nancy Coons at (585) 317-1898, or visit her website, where you can find out about upcoming shows or see examples of her unique and abstract take on the intersection between woman and nature. If you’re in the Rochester area, and you think abstract may just be up your style alley, you won’t want to miss this remarkable wood art. 

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