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3 Simple Color Printing Tips From Jessup’s Best Printer Service April 22, 2016

Jessup, Anne Arundel
3 Simple Color Printing Tips From Jessup’s Best Printer Service, Jessup, Maryland

When used properly, color printing is a fabulous way to create contrast and depth to your printed media. To really make the most of it, however, whether in your office or while using a printer service, you should use good design practices. After all, color printing is expensive!

Here to give their expert advice on the matter is Laser Line, the Washington D.C. area's leading source for copier and printer sales. If you're interested in color printing, your local printer service offers the following tips:

  • Use A Limited Color Set: Unless you're printing glossy photographs, keep the number of colors in your design to a minimum. A thoughtfully planned design with a few colors will look sharper than one with too many, and it’s less likely to bleed through the paper. Plus, if you intend on using the design for T-shirts, you may have to pay more for colors.

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  • Use a Great Color Scheme: If you're going to use color, make sure it improves your design and doesn't ruin it. Using clashing colors, or making something the wrong color, can take away from its impact — so choose colors with care. If you need help, try using an online color scheme generator.
  • Consider Printing On Colorful Stationary: You can print bright and eye-catching posters without using up copious amounts of ink — by printing on the right paper. For example, you don't need to print fancy bordering, when you can instead incorporate the bordering on pre-printed stationery. You could even get away with using a great black-and-white design on colorful paper.
  • Keep It Copier-Friendly: What if you need more copies down the road, and need to switch to black-and-white ink for a while? Will your design still hold up without running your copier ragged? If you keep to a simple design with minimal colors, you should be good.

If your business relies on graphic designs and drawings, color printers can produce brilliant and accurate colors. With great products from HP, Xerox, SHARP, and Canon, Laser Line is sure to have what you're looking for. To learn more about their printer services, please call (410) 636-1700, or visit them online.

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