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How to Grill Safely: Tips From New Haven County’s Best Propane Company April 20, 2016

Wolcott, New Haven County
How to Grill Safely: Tips From New Haven County’s Best Propane Company, Wolcott, Connecticut

While propane tanks are much safer than gasoline tanks, it’s still important to review safety practices before enjoying your grill. A reliable propane company cares deeply about customer safety in addition to providing great service. Musco Fuel & Propane of Wolcott, Connecticut, has been New Haven County’s top home heating company for over 25 years. Offering propane delivery and refills, these veterans have developed a vast knowledge of all matters related to fuel.


As summer gets closer, many families will begin to take advantage of the weather by grilling in the backyard. Since many grills are fueled by propane, the experts at Musco Fuel & Propane want to make sure everyone is safe while they enjoy their hot dogs and hamburgers. 

The pros at Musco Fuel & Propane recommend inspecting your grill and tank before firing it up. Start by looking over the hoses for any sign of damage. Next, scrub any lingering grease off the trays and bars. Spend a few minutes checking the tank itself for any signs of wear or breakdown, such as rust or bulges.

After the prep work is completed, Musco Fuel & Propane recommends taking a few quick precautions. It’s important to position your grill in an open space to protect yourself against propane buildup, and keep anything flammable far from the grill, including overhanging branches. Light the burner as soon as you turn on the grill, and be mindful of any unusual smells while you're grilling. If anyone detects an odor that smells like rotten eggs, your propane tank is leaking, and you should immediately evacuate everyone and call in professionals.

If you need propane delivery or service, reach out to Wolcott’s best propane company. Call Musco Fuel & Propane at (203) 879-8803 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative. To learn more information about their oil delivery services in New Haven County, visit their website and Facebook page.