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Brooklyn's Fusion East Explains What Soul Food Is & Why You Should Try It April 22, 2016

East New York, Brooklyn
Brooklyn's Fusion East Explains What Soul Food Is & Why You Should Try It, Brooklyn, New York

When you go to a soul food restaurant, you'll be served dishes that conjure up feelings of comfort: fried chicken and pork chops, candied yams and corn bread, macaroni and cheese and barbecue ribs, all slow cooked and marinated. But do you know anything about the history of this rich and unique cuisine? Fusion East, the only Caribbean and soul food restaurant in Brooklyn, is here to talk about the history of soul food.

While soul food is associated with the American South, you can trace its roots straight back to African-American culture. The term, in fact, comes directly from Malcolm X, who claimed that the word "soul" in "soul food" represents not only Southern culture, but also the shared experience of enjoying a meal with your local community. From Southern farms and Caribbean plantations to West African cuisine and Moorish cooking, soul food has its roots in multiple places and has become one of America's favorite cuisines.

Why should you eat soul food? Well, according to the regulars at Brooklyn's best soul food restaurant, Caribbean and soul food are healthy, hearty, and undeniably delicious. When you browse Fusion East's menu, you'll find a wide variety of rich and savory options. 

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For a hearty meal, choose from dishes like spicy jerk chicken wings, barbecue ribs, or southern fried chicken. If you want to sample something from the Caribbean, go with the curry shrimp or oxtail, served with rice, peas, and collard greens. For a healthier option, get a salad, soup, and jerk salmon. When you eat soul food, you're getting homemade food made with the freshest ingredients and cooked to absolute perfection.

In true soul food fashion, this delectable cuisine should be shared with your friends and family. Whether you're a soul food fan or a first-timer, stop by Brooklyn's best soul food restaurant for a meal that'll have you coming back for more. For more information, call Fusion East today at (718) 975-5065 or visit their website.