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Cincinnati’s Top Bail Bondsmen Discuss Using Property or Collateral for a Friend or Family Member’s Bail Bond April 18, 2016

Central Business District, Cincinnati
Cincinnati’s Top Bail Bondsmen Discuss Using Property or Collateral for a Friend or Family Member’s Bail Bond, Cincinnati, Ohio

How do you use property or collateral when a friend or family member needs a bail bond? With over four generations of experience, nobody knows bail bonds like the team at downtown Cincinnati's Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds. They offer affordable bail bonds services and understands that you want not only your freedom, but also your privacy. Here, they'll talk about using property or collateral as bail when someone else is in jail.

When someone is arrested, a court sets the type and amount of bond that must be posted for the person’s release from jail.

Collateral is a valuable item of property that is used to secure or guarantee payment of an obligation, such as a bail bond. Homes, cash, land, and motor vehicles are types of property that are accepted as collateral. To get someone out of jail, you can offer collateral to bail bondsmen to secure the bail bond.

In Ohio, bail bond security collateral includes cash, promissory notes, and real estate mortgages in the surety’s name. Bail bondsmen charge a premium for the bail bond, usually 10% of the face amount. Court fees will be added later, and you'll need a cosigner to secure the bond. If the person you provide the bail bond for does not return to court, you may lose the security collateral you posted. 

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When your friend or family member goes to jail, you want someone to act quickly, discreetly, and with integrity to get them out. Downtown Cincinnati residents can turn to Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds. These bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be relied upon to take action immediately and to respect your privacy.

For a professional bail bondsmen service, choose Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds. Call them at (513) 721-3915 or visit their website for more information about their services.

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