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3 Tile & Grout Cleaning Secrets From Goshen's Top-Rated Cleaning Team April 15, 2016

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3 Tile & Grout Cleaning Secrets From Goshen's Top-Rated Cleaning Team, Goshen, New York

No matter how clean you keep your home, maintaining pristine tiles and the white grout between them is a challenge. Luckily for homeowners in the Goshen, NY, area, the 2015 “Carpet Cleaner of the Year," Mr. K's Carpet Service, has in-depth knowledge of tile and grout cleaning to go alongside their more than 35 years of experience in upholstery and carpeting. 

Here are three secrets for keeping your grout white and tile sparkling from the professional carpet cleaners that Goshen residents trust most:

  • If It's The First Time, Call A Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Company: Once you are starting with a freshly cleaned kitchen or bathroom floor, tile and grout cleaning becomes a lot easier. But if you haven’t ever cleaned your grout before, giving the experts a chance to bring you back to a fresh starting point will save you a lot of time. From commercial cleaning jobs to small bathrooms, Mr. K's Carpet Service can make your tile flooring look good as new, which will make later cleaning a lot easier.

  • Rely On An Oxygen Bleach Solution: Oxygen bleach is the perfect product for tile and grout cleaning, since it removes dirt and grime without causing damage to the tiles. To get the best results, it’s good to dilute oxygen bleach with warm water and stir until the solution is completely mixed.

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  • Allow Your Oxygen Bleach Solution To Sit On Grout: Once your bleach solution is mixed, the professional carpet cleaners and grout specialists at Mr. K's Carpet Service recommend flooding your tiled area with a light layer of liquid and letting it soak in. Apply it to dry grout only, and let your oxygen bleach soak in, adding more solution once all of the liquid has been absorbed. Once your tiled floor has soaked for fifteen to twenty minutes, tile and grout cleaning will be a breeze: It will only require a light scrubbing and drying.

To schedule a tile and grout cleaning for stubborn floors that need an intense scrub, call Goshen, NY’s experts at (845) 294-5345. You can also visit the Mr. K's Carpet Service website to see the full list of residential and commercial cleaning services that are available.