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When you’re looking for a dentist, wouldn’t it be great if you could find a practice that was specifically geared towards children’s oral health care? Many dentists don’t know how to address your child’s needs, but at...

Charlotte’s Leading Children’s Dentist Offers 3 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of the Dentist April 13, 2016

Charlotte’s Leading Children’s Dentist Offers 3 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of the Dentist, ,

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Making sure your kids have good oral hygiene can be a daunting task. As a parent, you must minimize your children's consumption of cavity-causing foods and ensure proper brushing and flossing habits. Kids shouldn't hate going to the dentist, so we at North Carolina's Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry create a pleasant, supportive environment for your children and you. Our friendly staff would love to meet you and show you why we want you to consider us the "dental home" for your child. Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry is the best choice for your child's dental care. Make an appointment today with four convenient locations and one phone number: (704) 377-3687. 

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Here are a few suggestions to make sure your kids aren't afraid of the dentist:

  • Early Engagement: The sooner you can normalize going to the dentist often, the less fear your children will have about these visits. Dentists recommend children have their first visit at age one to ensure development is healthy, with regular appointments thereafter. Kids who get accustomed to dental visits as early as possible will feel less anxiety and stress.
  • Broad Strokes: When talking to your child about the upcoming visit, have a positive attitude and avoid divulging too many details. If you’re too specific about what might happen, kids might develop unnecessary anxiety. Alternatively, avoid assuring them “everything will be fine,” because if cavity or other treatments are necessary, they may lose trust in you.
  • Vocabulary: Similarly, watch your language when talking about the dentist. Kids do not want to hear the words “shot,” “drill,” or “pain” surrounding the visit. A good children’s dentist will strategically employ other words and terms to describe what they’re doing. What you should do is emphasize the positive and note the importance of strong and clean teeth.

By partnering with the dedicated staff of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, which has area locations in Midtown, University, Gastonia, and Davidson, you’ll ensure healthy and bright smiles for your kids for years to come. To learn more about Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, visit our practice online or call (704) 377-3687 to schedule your next appointment.