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Fighting the Post-Divorce Blues with Brian D. Perksin & Associates, P.C. July 11, 2014

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Fighting the Post-Divorce Blues with Brian D. Perksin & Associates, P.C., Manhattan, New York

Depression and divorce tend to go hand in hand, especially in highly contested and bitter cases. The drastic change in daily life that divorce brings can cause stress, fear, anxiety and sadness. Depression tends to weaken the immune system, putting the sufferer at risk of contracting more illnesses and increasing recovery time. To protect their mental and physical health during and after divorce, the newly single need to take measures to help fight the post-divorce blues.

Get active.
Exercising increases the amount of endorphins in your body, which send feel good signals to your brain. Endorphins, combined with heart pumping cardio, helps your body to release stress and tension while also improving your mood. In addition to making you happier, regular exercise can also improve sleep, ward off any post-divorce weight gain and keep your eating habits in check. Running, cross training, kickboxing, strength training and yoga are all great forms of exercise to help rid you of divorce related stress, anger, or depression.

Embrace daily change.
Routine is easy, and it allows negative thoughts to come to the forefront as you mindlessly complete tasks. If you were previously a stay-at-home parent, perhaps its time you consider re-entering the workforce. Regardless of the industry you pursue, you will be forced to focus your attention on new people, new responsibilities, and new places. This change of pace and scenery will help you overcome a divorce by allowing you have new experiences.

Express your feelings.
Creativity is a fantastic outlet for expressing your feelings. It is very unhealthy to let any negative thoughts or emotions build up without having a way to release them. Painting, drawing, and writing are common art forms that help to relieve stress and fight depression. Some more offbeat creative endeavors that can do the same include woodworking, jewelry making, sculpting or graphic design. In order to effectively ward off feelings of depression, you need to find the right creative activity that works for you. Try a combination of activities and figure out what really gets your creative juices flowing.

Treat yourself.
While retail therapy can be dangerous to your credit card debt, there is nothing wrong with it in moderation. Buying a new outfit or getting a makeover can really boost your self-confidence, which may be somewhat damaged because of the divorce. Additionally, splurging on a night out or a vacation after your divorce is finalized can be a fun stress reliever. Divorce parties are a hot trend that allow the recently divorced to celebrate the end of a negative life event, and the promise of a happier future.

Speak up.
Discussing your fears, confusion, sadness or anger revolving around divorce is a surefire way to thwart depression. Friends and family members who have gone through divorce can be great assets, as they have experienced your feelings and have emerged stronger (and yes, even happy). However, sometimes seeking professional help is needed. Speak to a licensed therapist and discuss what is on your mind. They will be able to recommend additional remedies to help with depression, as well as prescribe medication (if need be).

As life changing as divorce is, it doesn’t have to be the cause of any negative feelings. These tips are merely suggestions for overcoming depression, and some may work better for others than they do for you. It’s important to discover which outlets benefit you the most, and then to focus your attention on them. Divorce can be a bumpy road with a lot of twists and turns, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. For more information on divorce and family law matters such as child custody, contact the top rated New York City law firm of Brian D. Perskin & Associates, P.C. for a free and confidential consultation.

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