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Alaska's Car Repair Experts Reveal 3 Questions You Should Ask Your Auto Mechanic April 13, 2016

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Alaska's Car Repair Experts Reveal 3 Questions You Should Ask Your Auto Mechanic, Fairbanks, Alaska

The unfortunate truth is that not all auto shops are equally reliable, and the only way you can determine if you're working with a great car repair service is by asking questions. Right Choice Automotive Repair, the premier auto shop in Fairbanks, AK, is known for getting the job done right the first time and making sure all of their customers' needs are taken care of.

These experts suggests that you ask any auto mechanic the following questions before you have work done on your car. The responses should help you determine if the company is customer focused or only interested in making money:

  • What Repairs Can Wait? Ask which repairs are needed now and which can wait. A disreputable shop will encourage you to have all the repairs done immediately, while a quality car repair service understands that you have a budget and can prioritize the most important, immediate repairs for you.
  • Which Shop Do You Recommend For Special Repairs? Like your doctor, a reputable auto mechanic cannot specialize in everything and should have a network of associates who are the "best in the business." Ask your technician who he or she recommends for transmission work, engine repairs, or body work. A customer-focused auto shop should have no problem recommending an expert.

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  • What Would You Do If This Car Was Yours? Ask what parts or repairs they would choose for their own vehicle. If the auto mechanic seems unsure or surprised, it means they have not considered the question and are not offering you the same level of service they would seek themselves.

Right Choice Automotive Repair, the most experienced and trusted car repair experts in Fairbanks, AK, employ only fully certified, highly trained auto mechanics. They offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services, from a simple auto tuneup to complicated engine repairs. They even offer welding and metal fabrication. Visit their website for directions and their hours of operation or call (907) 322-2886 to make an appointment or to speak to a skilled car repair professional today.