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3 Benefits of Professional Tree Care From Dexter’s Trusted Arborists April 13, 2016

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3 Benefits of Professional Tree Care From Dexter’s Trusted Arborists, Dexter, Kentucky

Trees are beautiful, complex organisms that sometimes require specialized care to thrive. If you have trees on your property but are unsure how to best maintain them for maximum health and safety, the expert arborists at Lamb Tree Service in Dexter, KY, provide professional tree care services.

From tree thinning to tree trimming, these experienced arborists provide expert tree care to residents and commercial properties in Murray and Paducah, Kentucky. If you’re considering professional tree care services, here are a few benefits:

  • Tree Health: From removing pests to addressing soil compaction, an arborist will pinpoint any issues inhibiting your tree and work to restore it to optimal health. Excess mulch and overwatering are other problems that may be unknowingly affecting your trees.
  • Tree Aesthetics: An arborist will safely and effectively prune and trim your tree. Not only will this improve aesthetics, it can also aid in tree growth. If there’s an aesthetically obstructive tree, tree removal may be an option.
  • tree careTree Safety: Sometimes, a tree may pose a hazard and tree removal is necessary. An arborist will assess any potential concerns and efficiently eliminate these issues, whether it's a few branches or a whole tree. Removing trees on your own is dangerous, so let Lamb Tree Service ensure it’s done properly and safely.

At Dexter’s most trusted tree service, their caring staff will not only address and correct any of these problems, they will also offer invaluable tips on maintaining the health and beauty of your trees down the road. Lamb Tree Service also provides assistance with planting trees, tree cabling and bracing, lightning protection, and much more. In the case of an emergency, they provide 24-hour emergency tree care from downed trees to broken branches.

For all your tree care needs, leave it to the experts. For a free estimate, call Lamb Tree Service today at (270) 753-2020. To learn more about their trusted services, visit their website.

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