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Let Your Dog Have Fun With Other Dogs at New York’s Best Pet Boarding Facility April 11, 2016

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Let Your Dog Have Fun With Other Dogs at New York’s Best Pet Boarding Facility, Manhattan, New York

Canine Country Quarters is a unique pet boarding facility specializing in dogs and located right outside of New York City. This dog hotel promises your dogs will never be confined to a cage, crate, or kennel at any point during their stay. Instead, this dog boarding location allows your dogs to relax and socialize with other dogs on the 50-acre property and receive human companionship like they would in their own home.


It's important for a pet boarding facility to provide a setting that creates a positive experience for you and your dog during your separation. Canine Country Quarters allows your dogs to maintain the same behavior and receive the same interactions they would in their usual environment. 

Whether you're gone for a business trip or vacation, get peace of mind by knowing that this dog hotel caters to well-socialized dogs, allowing your pets to receive socialization and interaction in your absence. Having other dogs to run around and play together with allows them to develop positive coping skills and reduces their stress and anxiety when they are away from you. A typical boarding facility that locks canines away in a kennel during your entire trip often results in nervous and anxious pets.

Being able to run and play with other dogs is great motivation to ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise while you are gone. It is not uncommon to witness dogs slipping into depression when their owners are away, wanting only to simply lie around. Give your pets fun and adventure at Canine Country Quarters, where they can play and interact with other four-legged friends.

If you have a big trip approaching and are unsure who to trust to look after your furry friend, call Canine Country Quarters today at (917) 804-4813. Learn more about this dog hotel and their pet boarding services by visiting them online.