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Try Tai Ji at Tribeca’s Dance Studio April 6, 2016

Tribeca, Manhattan
Try Tai Ji at Tribeca’s Dance Studio, Manhattan, New York

Trying a new form of movement is beneficial for both seasoned and amateur dancers, offering a fun, challenging way to play with movement. For New Yorkers, Moving Visions Dance, a dance studio in Manhattan, is just the place to go for classic, modern, and rare movement classes. They offer yoga classes, modern dance for kids, floor barre, and FitEngine fitness classes. The dance studio wants to introduce members to another type of movement: Tai Ji.

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Similar to Tai Chi classes, Tai Ji is a choreographed movement form from China. The 300-year-old movement method originated as part of the traditional Chinese Wushu, or martial arts, but has since evolved to incorporate wellness aspects, in addition to self-defense techniques. Benefits of Tai Ji include increased strength, balance, and flexibility, along with reduced blood pressure and improved mindfulness. Moving Visions Dance offers three 90-minute Tai Ji classes and a two-hour Tai Ji class each week, ranging from beginning to advanced levels. The Tai Ji classes at the Tribeca dance studio include historical information, traditionally choreographed movement, martial arts instruction, and medicinal applications of the art form.

Moving Visions Dance offers a range of classes to fit any skill level and preference at its dance studio. The kids’ dance classes include modern ballet, pre-ballet, choreography workshops, and modern performance workshops. Adults have the opportunity to try historical modern dance classes, yoga classes, Pilates classes, and barre classes at the dance studio.

If you’ve ever been curious about Chinese movement arts, the Tai Ji class at Moving Visions Dance is the perfect introduction. To sign up for classes at the Tribeca dance studio, call (212) 608-7681 or visit the website for more information.