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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Insurance Company April 5, 2016

Carmichaels, Greene
4 Tips for Choosing the Right Insurance Company, Carmichaels, Pennsylvania

Choosing insurance can be a daunting task. During their lifetime, most people will need insurance for their auto, home, life, and perhaps their business or farm. Finding an insurance company that can provide all of these and recommend the best policies and features will save you time and money. Thankfully for Carmichaels, PA, residents, Roy Stouffer Insurance matches families and individuals with the perfect coverage.

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Here are a few tips for choosing the right insurance company:

  • Bundle: Make sure you can get all of your insurance in one place. Your insurance company should provide life, auto, and home insurance. If you own a business or commercial property, a farm, or a vehicle such as a motorcycle, boat, or jet ski, they should be able to provide coverage for those as well. Having all of your policies with one company can offer significant discounts.
  • Select A Local Company: With a local agency, you can call or visit the office if you have questions. Roy Stouffer Insurance serves clients throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia from their conveniently located Carmichaels office.
  • Do Business With Someone You Like: Your insurance agent should be able to explain what coverage you need and why, and should be able to describe all the features of your policy. If you have a claim, they should be able to handle it quickly and efficiently.
  • Find A Good Carrier: Make sure your local insurance company is backed by a top-tier carrier; an insurance policy is only as good as the carrier behind it. Roy Stouffer Insurance provides coverage from Nationwide Insurance, which features the Vanishing Deductible for auto insurance and On Your Side claims service for all policies.

Roy Stouffer Insurance takes a personal approach to insurance, helping clients get the coverage they want without unnecessary expenses. Get to know the experts at Roy Stouffer Insurance today by calling (724) 966-7156 today for a free consultation on your insurance needs, and visit their website today.