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6 Conditions That Require Treatment From a Foot Specialist April 13, 2016

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6 Conditions That Require Treatment From a Foot Specialist, Blue Ash, Ohio

If you're wondering why foot care is so important, think about how much we rely our feet. We stuff them in shoes all day, walk and run for miles, and even stand for several consecutive hours at work. If your feet are crying out in pain or you're experiencing any of the following symptoms, give Foot & Ankle Specialists of Cincinnati a call to set up an appointment.

Here are six foot conditions that need to be treated by a foot specialist:

  • Foot Growths: Foot specialists have a lot of experience treating corns and calluses, which consist of thick layers of dead skin. They are easy and painless to remove in most cases using a sterile blade.
  • Foot CareBunions: Unlike the previously mentioned foot growths, bunions are bony and occur at the joint where your big toe meets your foot. They can get extremely painful, so see a foot specialist for appropriate treatment such as padding, taping, or even surgery.
  • Stubborn Rashes: Are your feet itchy, red, or scaly looking? You could have an infection such as athlete's foot. If over-the-counter treatments don't work, call a foot specialist for strong prescription medicine.
  • Ankle & Joint Pain: Everyone experiences foot pain sometimes, but chronic joint pain in your feet and ankles can signify arthritis. You may have even sprained or strained your ankle recently without realizing it. See a foot or ankle specialist if your joints are frequently swollen or tender.
  • Heel Pain: The causes of heel pain vary, with some common culprits including heel spurs and inflamed tendons. To find out for sure, call a foot specialist.
  • Ingrown Toenails: These aren't just unsightly; they can cause painful infections as well.

Experiencing any of the above and want comprehensive, state-of-the-art foot care? Call Foot & Ankle Specialists of Cincinnati at (513) 769-4408, or visit their website to find a location near you.

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