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Questions About Water Softening? Rochester Purification Experts Explain April 5, 2016

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Questions About Water Softening? Rochester Purification Experts Explain, Henrietta, New York

"Hard" water contains a lot of minerals—typically calcium and magnesium carbonates—that affect its flavor and leave deposits on your skin, dishes, and shower walls. A water softening system can reduce these effects and improve the water's flavor. 

Anderson Water Systems, the premier water purification experts in Rochester, NY, explain how water softening works and the benefits it provides businesses and families:

  • How Water Softening Works: All water softeners work by a process called "ion exchange," during which they remove minerals by "trading" them for something else; most systems utilize salt. Hard water flows through a tank filled with polystyrene beads, which have a negative charge. The minerals, which have a positive charge, cling to the beads and are washed away by a strong salt solution.
  • Water SofteningResidential Benefits: Water softeners make silver and glassware shinier and spot-free, and it will help your skin, hair, and clothes feel cleaner and softer. They make housework easier by reducing mineral and soap buildup on shower walls and sinks. Fabrics are more durable without trapped minerals, and ice makers, coffee makers, and other water-based appliances last longer due to reduced mineral buildup. Hot water heaters can operate more efficiently and reduce energy expenses.
  • Industrial Benefits: With a water softener, businesses will save a great deal on energy costs and avoid expensive boiler and cooling tower breakdowns. Many industrial applications require monitoring the water hardness to prevent equipment repairs due to calcification buildup. A water softener simplifies this process considerably.

Anderson Water Systems, the most trusted water purification experts in Rochester, NY, is a family-owned business that has served Upstate New Yorkers since 1954. They offer free water testing by mail and are strong advocates of educating the public on their drinking systems. They offer 24-hour emergency service and provide financing options for purchasing new water purification systems. To learn more, visit their website, "like" their Facebook page, and call (800) 836-2509 to speak to a knowledgeable professional about your property's water treatment.

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