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4 Tips for Stowing Your Furniture in a Storage Unit April 5, 2016

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4 Tips for Stowing Your Furniture in a Storage Unit, Anchorage, Alaska

Need a storage unit for your furniture? Whether you need to stow away your antiques or find a place to keep your living room set during a move, International Self Storage in Anchorage, AK, recommends taking the necessary steps to prepare your furniture for storage in order to prevent damage and protect the value of your belongings.

Check out these furniture storage unit basics, brought to you by the best self-storage facility in Anchorage:

  • Wrap It Up: If you're getting ready to stow away your furniture at a self-storage facility, make sure to wrap everything in plastic and padding. Not only will these materials protect your valuables while in transit, but they'll also prevent moisture from damaging your cherished goods.

storage unit

  • Stack It Appropriately: When you arrive at the storage unit, evaluate the size and weight of your furniture. In most cases, you'll want to place heavier objects on the bottom and place lighter options on top. If you're storing fragile items, it's best not to stack anything on top at all.
  • Take It Apart: While stacking is a great tactic for packing away goods in a storage unit, so is disassembling large items, like tables and bed frames. By breaking down larger pieces, you'll clear out plenty of space and make room for more goods.
  • Store It Smartly: The most important way to protect your furniture in a storage unit is to assess the space and store everything efficiently. This means placing items that you plan to access regularly in the front, while placing heavier, more valuable items in the back.

If you need help storing your furniture, ask the friendly staff at International Self Storage for advice by calling (907) 563-2655 today. Visit them online to learn more about their storage units, and don't forget to like them on Facebook for promotions, news updates, and more.

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