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What is Bronze Casting? New York City's Metal Casting Experts Explain April 12, 2016

Garment District, Manhattan
What is Bronze Casting? New York City's Metal Casting Experts Explain, Manhattan, New York

When you think of bronze casting, what terms come to mind? You may think of the words “powerful” or “ancient,” or even “elegant.” Undoubtedly, bronze is an extraordinary, versatile alloy, and at Frank Billanti Casting Co., professional craftsmen are passionate about the art of lost-wax bronze casting—an intricate process of filling and setting a mold with common bronze alloys. Based in New York City’s Midtown district, founder Frank Billanti and his team are dedicated to each and every project they complete.

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Bronze casting is often associated with ancient societies. The first bronze was cast, by accident, in the third millennium B.C. in ancient Greece. For centuries, people have been learning the art of bronze casting, and for the most part, the technique has remained the same since about 2,000 B.C. during the Akkadian period. With the advancement of modern technology, bronze casting has been perfected to a science.

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Frank and his team of jewelry casters not only respect this history, but they admire it. This team of metal casting professionals will not only cast your jewelry, but they will cast other objects in bronze, like small to medium sized statues, belt buckles, and ornaments as well.

For over 35 years, Frank Billanti has been developing and perfecting his bronze casting abilities, and he can’t wait to begin working on your project. To learn more about this experienced jewelry manufacturer in New York City, visit Frank Billanti Casting Co. online or on Facebook. To speak with a dedicated staff member today and request a free quote, call (212) 221-0440. 

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