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Connecticut’s Propane Experts Share 4 Tips for Prepping Your Grill April 6, 2016

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Connecticut’s Propane Experts Share 4 Tips for Prepping Your Grill, Wolcott, Connecticut

Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside the home—now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to pull your lawn chairs, grill, propane tank, and other barbecuing necessities out of the shed. The experts from Musco Fuel & Propane in Wolcott, Connecticut, provide an array of services to help you prepare for the summer months ahead, including the fuel you need to power your outdoor cookouts.

When it comes to your gas grill, there are a variety of spring cleaning solutions that will help it perform at its peak—here's a brief checklist: 


  • Wipe It Down: When you first get your grill and propane tank out of winter storage, take an old rag or T-shirt and get rid of any spider webs, dirt, or other grime that may have found a place on your grill.
  • Use A Grill Cleaner: Buy a specialty grill cleaner to completely get rid of any stains and stubborn spots. The exterior and interior of your grill and any knobs should be thoroughly cleaned before you start cooking.
  • Check For Leaks: Take a look at your propane tank and take note of any bulging areas or rust. There should be zero compromises in the way that it looks. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s probably time for a propane refill. You should also check the hose for leaks that could compromise the safety of your grill.
  • Press The Igniter Button: Listen for a clicking sound and look for a flame while pressing the igniter. If you do not see or hear anything, replace the battery behind the control panel.

Now that you’ve checked your gas grill and prepared it for spring, you’re ready to begin grilling! For more information about your gas grill and Musco Fuel & Propane's oil delivery system, call (203) 879-8803 today. From oil and propane refills to fuel supplies and more, this Wolcott-based company has everything you need to power your home, business, or farm. If you’d like to learn more about propane deliveries in Connecticut, visit their website today.