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Keep Computer Viruses at Bay: Tips From Alpha Laser Richmond Corp in Staten Island March 31, 2016

Charleston, Staten Island
Keep Computer Viruses at Bay: Tips From Alpha Laser Richmond Corp in Staten Island, Staten Island, New York

Originally a printer repair and ink cartridge recycling company, Alpha Laser Richmond Corp in Staten Island, NY, has since expanded its services to include PC repair and network maintenance. This professional computer company has spent the past 20 years serving their clients with customer dedication and excellent products. While they provide affordable, comprehensive solutions for any PC repair you might need, they also know how effective preventative measures are. 

To keep your computer in its best condition and free of viruses or malware, remember these tips:

  • Click Carefully: Be cautious of any links on websites or in emails, especially if you don't know the sender; the easiest way to stumble onto a virus is through a web link. You can mitigate this issue with vigilant browsing; hover over a link to see the address in the bottom bar of the window. Note the domain name, and if it looks suspicious use a search engine to research before clicking.

PC repair

  • Update Your System: Updates often include new security measures, so quit ignoring that reminder—the integrity of your system's security may depend on updating your browsers and OS. If you've never seen an update notification, check the settings to make sure they are turned on.
  • Beware Of Pop-Ups: When browsing the web, pop-ups just can't be trusted. It can be a bit tricky to identify them at first, but dangerous pop-ups will use manipulative language to convince you that you need immediate PC repair. They will also offer to run a virus scan if you agree to it, but don't do it! Allowing a strange program access to your system is a sure way to download a virus. 
  • Install Antivirus Software: A personal computer has become such a valuable tool in our lives. To protect that investment, you want to take the most effective preventative measures you can, and protective, reputable antivirus and anti-spyware software is the best defense.

As vigilant as you can be, there's always a chance something can go awry. When that happens, choose Alpha Laser Richmond Corp for your PC repair needs. They also offer other network services as well as many ink cartridges and toner supplies for sale. Call them today at (718) 317-1263 or visit their website for information on everything they have to offer.

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