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Why Hire Professional Piano Movers? Rochester's Top Moving Company Has the Answers April 14, 2016

Maplewood, Rochester
Why Hire Professional Piano Movers? Rochester's Top Moving Company Has the Answers, Rochester, New York

Moving is a hassle, but handling tricky, expensive belongings is even more of one, especially with a piano. Everyone wants to keep their prized possessions safe during the moving process, which is why Becker Movers, Rochester, NY's top moving company, has two great reasons to hire professional piano movers.

Here are two factors you should consider when hiring piano movers:

  • Skill Set: Movers often worry about keeping belongings safe, but a piano is different from other possessions. It's an instrument with many parts that are expensive to replace if broken or damaged. On top of the fixing costs is the weight: The average piano can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, making it much more difficult to relocate than typical household items. While lifting or moving the instrument on one's own has a high risk of injury, professional piano movers have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to move the instrument safely and efficiently with zero damage, protecting both people and their prized pianos. 


  • Piano Protection: Unlike the mound of boxes movers deal with during relocation, pianos aren't simply going to fit around corners, and they often need to be reassembled after transportation. It's difficult to move 1,000 pounds across the floor without causing damage to the instrument or the surface, but skilled piano movers have the equipment to do so properly, preventing damage and ensuring your piano still plays like the first day you got it. Experts understand that value extends beyond money. Instruments are often sentimental, so they do everything possible to ensure safety both during the moving process and after the piano arrives at its new location.

If you're moving anytime soon, ensuring safety and protection for your piano should be a top priority. Skilled piano movers will transport the instrument safely, whether it's across the street or across the country. As Rochester's top moving company, Becker Moving regularly transports prized pianos so that they arrive at their new residences without a scratch. To learn more about their moving services, visit Becker Movers online, or call (585) 458-5480 today.

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